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We launched Mediaspace.global, the B2B social platform for professionals in media, marketing, tech and regulation when most people and companies went dark because of the pandemic. Our members are leading professionals from 70+ countries who sign up to meet people, not profiles at our networking sessions and interactive professional sessions online and as the world opens, in person, too. Some of our early members are incredible community builders who also started something extraordinary during the COVID pandemic. Seeing the need for more professionals to be more digitally active and prominent, and extending this experience in the hybrid world, we've decided to create this unique course for you, condensing our 2-year experience into a 12-lesson course to include a consultation.
The Well-connected Leader Course by Mediaspace.global

Course curriculum

A unique course by Mediaspace.global leaders and community building members. Real-life expertize condensed into a no-BS video course. Stories, use cases, tips & a 30-minute live online 1:1 consultation!

    1. Position yourself in digital - Teaser video with Lavina Suthenthiran

    2. Lesson 1: Networking essentials in the hybrid age with Lavina Suthenthiran, Head of Content & Comms at Mediaspace.global

    3. Lesson 2: Self-PR & personal branding with Farrell Tan, C-founder of Orchan Asia Consulting

    4. Lesson 3: Personal branding & career building with Kate Merritt, Co-founder of Liberty Hive

    5. Lesson 4: Building the professional you with Hamish Sandison, Dual international lawyer (UK, US), Chairman of Mediaspace.global

    1. Lesson5: Digital Networking with Kinga Incze, founder of Mediaspace.global

    2. Lesson 6: Global connectivity with Dr. Craig J Selby, Co-founder of The Third Degree

    3. Lesson 7: Carreer networks with Laura, Co-founder of Liberty Hive

    4. Lesson 8: Network on purpose with Phil McCauley, innovator, angel, board member of Mediaspace.global

    1. Lesson 9: Personal branding for women leaders and rising stars with Diya Asrani, Author of Design Your Personal Brand Presence

    2. Lesson 10: Women professional networks with Sophie Toth, Co-founder of The Women in Programmatic Network

    3. Lesson 11: Women & visibility with Julia Middleton, Founder Women Emerging & Common Purpose

    4. Lesson 12: How to build a diverse network with Kinga Incze, Founder & CEO of Mediaspace.global

    1. Your Guide to Build the The Professional You

    2. Attend a Mediaspace Global Networking session online

    3. Quiz 1

    4. Quiz 2

    1. Your 1:1 consultation with a Mediaspace trainer

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  • 12 video lessons & 4 practices
  • 30-minute live online consultation
  • Certificate

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About Mediaspace.global

Mediaspace.global is the new wave of vertical social networks for media, marketing, technology and regulation professionals globally that breaks physical, elitist and professional bubbles to create a truly global ecosystem.

Founded by Kinga Incze media expert (middle) with the leadership of chairman and international lawyer Hamish Sandison (left), non-executive director - serial entrepreneur Phil McCauley (right), and supported by leading figures from the industry globally, Mediaspace.global was launched in May 2020 with a mission to build a B2B social ecosystem where knowledge and money flows globally. Mediaspace.global members can connect easier outside their current circles, start professional and business conversations to stay ahead of the market, and find new opportunities in the era of industry transformation, uncertainties, and global challenges. Mediaspace offers you a platform to meet people, not just profiles, from media, marketing, technology and regulation. We bring a new level of connectivity and interactivity to existing generic, written communication-based professional platforms by offering live, interactive video meetings. Our members come from 70+ countries, mostly from leading positions. Due to our premium memberships, you can get exclusive insights, a high-level network, and more visibility. We're looking forward to meeting you on Mediaspace.global.
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